An original, abstract painting on canvas
in shades of rich magenta, warm tangerine, soft gray, inky black, and brilliant white
by artist Melynda Andrews.


Style Reference:  abstract, abstract expressionist, post-modern abstract, contemporary abstract, modernist, modern abstract, acryl oil painting.



This painting will be 53″ x 45″ when stretched over 1/5″ deep stretcher bars.  See more information about stretching.

You can choose this painting from our current inventory, but you can also choose a different size, and we’ll create it especially for you.  See examples of other commissions we’ve completed.


  • Also available in these sizes:

    Note that "stretched" means your painting will be
    ready to hang moments after you receive it, 
    and "not stretched" means you will either have
    your painting stretched at a local frame shop or  
    follow our easy DIY instructions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a commissioned painting and one that’s from the gallery’s current inventory?
Commissioned paintings are created to order.  When the painting saysThe pictures we show of those paintings are always of a piece we did for another collector.  In this case, the painting we create for you will be very similar, exhibiting the same colors, style, and general composition.  See examples of commissioned paintings we did for other collectors.

Current inventory paintings are ones we have in-stock and ready to be sold immediately.  If you buy an un-stretched painting from our inventory, it will be shipped immediately.

What if I love one of your in-stock paintings, but it’s not the right size for my space?
Ordering a commissioned work is the perfect solution.  All of our paintings can be re-created in a range of sizes to fit your space.  Dimensions very different from the pictured paintings’ can slightly change the composition of commissioned paintings (see examples), but the style and colors will remain very much the same.  We’ve created dollhouse paintings, multi-panel mural-sized paintings, and everything in between.

How do I get started with a commissioned painting?
You pay only a $25 deposit.  When you’re 100% satisfied with the painting we create for you, you’ll return to this page to pay the full purchase price. Note that the commission deposit is non-refundable and is not included in the final price.

What happens if I don’t like the painting you create for me?
That doesn’t happen very often (which is the reason we can offer such a low commission deposit), but it has happened a few times, and this how we handle it: cheerfully.  If you don’t love the painting we create for you, you don’t owe us a penny, and the painting goes into our inventory for another person to discover and enjoy.  The bottom line is that we want you to be happy, and we do whatever we can to make that happen.

Why on Earth are your commission deposits so ridiculously small?
We get that question a lot.  And the simple answer is, “Because we’re that confident you’ll love our work.”  $25 is probably the smallest commission deposit you’ll ever find for an original, commissioned piece like ours.  But, in all of the commissions we’ve completed, we’ve only had a couple of people say they didn’t love their finished paintings.  The only reason we require a non-refundable deposit is to weed out buyers who aren’t really serious.

What’s next after I complete the commission deposit?
First, we’ll create your painting and email you a picture of it when it’s finished.  Then, if you’re happy with our work, return to this page to complete your purchase, and we’ll ship your painting to you right away.  In most cases, you’ll receive your finished painting in 1 to 3 weeks from the time you pay the commission deposit.  If you don’t love the finished painting, it will go into our in-stock inventory for another person to enjoy.  Please note that the commission deposit is non-refundable.

What about shipping?
Shipping for all of our paintings is free in the contiguous 48 United States.  Read more about shipping by clicking the “Shipping” tab in this section of the page.

Will my painting arrive ready-to-hang?
That depends upon whether you order it “stretched” or “not stretched.”

Our stretched paintings are all mounted on special, patented, collapsible stretcher bars, and we ship them collapsed for safety.  A stretched painting will be ready to hang about 2 minutes after you unpack it.  The stretcher bars are included in your order.

If you order your painting “not stretched,” without stretcher bars, you can either have your painting stretched at a local frame shop or follow our easy DIY instructions.

I need multiples of this painting in the same general style and colors, yet each a different composition.  Is that possible?
Whether you need a pair of paintings to flank your fireplace or hundreds of paintings for your hotel, we can give you a cohesive collection of original paintings. Please contact us to discuss your needs before ordering.

Love the design, but can you make it in a different color?
Probably.  Contact us. We can accommodate most requests.

What about quality?
Unlike department store “paintings,” our works are first-quality, original paintings by known artists, not cheap “giclee” prints that are merely “hand embellished” with a few smears of clear paint on top.  Your Deep Urban painting is a hand-painted work of art, not a print of any kind.  We use high-quality materials to produce art that can last a lifetime.  The artists we feature are all known to us.  We do not support the exploitation of workers forced to toil in some sweat-shop assembly line art mill in Who-Knows-Where.  You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity with your purchase, and your painting will be signed and dated by the artist, assuring your ability to prove the painting’s provenance.

How can I know that you Deep Urban folk are trustworthy?
We’ve been around for over a decade, we’ve sold hundreds of paintings, and we have great feedback you can be sure is real.  Check out the “How You Can Trust Us” tab in this section of the page, or have a look at our Testimonials page.


Shipping Cost
Unites States buyers: shipping is free within the continental United States.  Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories, and APO/FPO/DPO addresses is $35.

Please contact us before ordering, as we may not be able to ship to all APO/FPO/DPO addresses due to size restrictions.

International Buyers
Shipping is $35 USD to Canada and $75 USD to Europe.  We cannot ship to all countries, so if you’re an international buyer, please contact us before ordering.  International buyers are responsible for all customs fees and import taxes.  We mark our shipments “Original Artwork: Painting,” which may lower or even eliminate such fees in some countries.  We are unable to provide information about customs fees or import taxes. We do not give refunds for undamaged paintings that are refused or not picked up from the shipping agency because a buyer did not want to pay the fees.  Please enquire about such fees from your country’s customs office before your purchase.

Shipping Time
Orders shipped to locations in the continental US usually take 1 to 3 weeks to arrive.   Commissioned artwork will take closer to 3 weeks.  Stretched gallery inventory takes about 2 weeks, while un-stretched gallery inventory takes about 1 week.

We will send you a tracking number and an estimated time of delivery within 24 hours after your artwork is shipped.

We do not require a signature-upon-delivery unless you ask us to during checkout.  If you do not ask for a signature-upon-delivery, we will not be responsible for any shipment that is lost or misdirected after the carrier has reported it delivered.

International Buyers
Requiring a signature protects you from porch pirates, but it can also be inconvenient for you, and we’ve found that most of our collectors do not want one.  So, we’ll leave it up to you.  We will not automatically require the carrier to obtain a signature-upon-delivery unless you request it during checkout.  However, if you did not request a signature-upon-delivery when you ordered from us, we will be unable to issue you a refund if your painting turns up missing after it’s been reported delivered by the carrier.  And, if you or your representative signs for a damaged package, we will be unable to issue you a refund.  Please see our answer under “Shipping Damage,” below, for more information.


We want you to be happy.
If it turns out you’re not as in love with your new painting as you thought you’d be, you can return it, as long as you follow these 3 rules:

  1. The artwork must be returned to us in undamaged condition.
  2. You must keep all of the original packaging materials and use them to return your purchase at your expense.
  3. Returns must be given over to the return carrier within 14 days of delivery.

After we receive the artwork, we will inspect it and refund the purchase price, minus a $30 restocking fee, so long as it remained undamaged while in your care.

Shipping Damage

Damage of our painting during shipment is rare (fewer than 1%), but it can happen.  If your painting is obviously damaged in transit and you have asked for a signature-upon-delivery, take a picture that shows the damage to the package and then refuse to sign for the package.  Then, and only then, can we refund your full purchase price for reasons of damage during shipment.  If anyone (i.e. roommates, co-workers, a doorman, a neighbor) signs for a damaged package or if you did not request a signature-upon-delivery when you ordered from us, we will be unable to issue you a refund.  Rest assured that we will pack artwork carefully in sturdy cartons, but in the unlikely event that a painting is damaged during in transit, we’ll issue a swift and cheerful refund so long as you’ve followed these simple procedures.

Refunds and Returns

What Happens If You Don’t Love It?
We want you to be happy with your art. If it turns out that you’re not as in love with your new art as you thought you’d be, you can return it, as long as you follow these three rules:

  1. The artwork must be returned in undamaged condition.
  2. You must keep all of the original packing materials and use them to return your purchase.
  3. Returns must be given over to the return carrier within 5 business days of delivery.

After we receive the returned artwork, we will inspect it and refund the purchase price minus a $30 re-stocking fee.

Packages Damaged During Shipment
We ship your artwork in very sturdy packaging, but accidents do happen during shipment from time to time.  If your shipment is obviously and significantly damaged in transit and you have asked for a signature-upon-delivery, you should:

  1. Take a picture that shows the damage to both the package and the contents within.  Take more than one picture if there is  more than a single point of damage.  Your pictures must clearly show damage to the contents.  If the picture only shows damage to the carton, that is insufficient.  We insure each shipment, and your pictures are what will allow us to file a claim with the carrier.
  2. Refuse to sign for the package and allow the carrier to keep it.  If the package is signed for by anyone, we cannot issue a refund.
  3. Send us the picture.

After you have completed these steps, we will usually issue you a full refund including any commission deposit, immediately.

To be clear: any of the following will prevent us from issuing a refund:

  1. If anyone signs for the damaged package, thereby accepting delivery.
  2. If you did not request a signature-upon-delivery when you ordered from us.
  3. If you cannot email us a picture that shows clear evidence of damage to the painting during transit.

Lost Packages
If your shipment is lost before or during shipping, we will, of course, issue you a full refund, including any commission deposit.  However, we aren’t responsible for the safety or security of packages after delivery and cannot give any refund for a package after the carrier says it was delivered.

It’s usually a good idea to request a signature-upon-delivery, but since there are lots of reasons why some people don’t want us to require a signature, we don’t require it automatically.

If you’re worried about porch pirates, signature-upon-delivery is the way to go.  Most carriers will attempt delivery 3 times before they leave a notice asking you to come pick the package up at their facility.

Why You Can Trust Us

We’ve got a great track record.
We’ve been selling paintings for over a decade.  We know our stuff, and we want you to be happy.  But you don’t have to take our word for it.

You see, when we first started out, we sold most of our paintings on Ebay, and, while we don’t find doing business there useful anymore, we’re still proud of the feedback comments we received there–comments you can be sure are authentic and unbiased.  There are almost 200 of them, 100% positive.

You can still read every one of those comments on Ebay today.  But since there are so many almost 200), we’ve posted a selection of our favorites  for you on our Testimonials page.  We’ve sold hundreds more paintings since leaving Ebay.  Still, the feedback we earned there is valuable to us (and to you!), for it was given by registered Ebay users who all purchased our art, so you know it’s real.  That’s pretty powerful stuff.

Our Secret
We have a big secret: it’s how we managed to earn 100% positive feedback ratings on Ebay.  So, what is it?  How did we do it?  The answer is simple (though not always easy!).  We lived by the Golden Rule.  Still do.  We treat others how we want to be treated.