Commissioned Artwork

created especially for you

About Commissioned Work

Commissioned artwork is created after you order, allowing you to specify dimensions and color.  To be certain their paintings will match their decor, my collectors have sent pictures of their homes, swatches of fabric, and dimensions of their furniture.  That’s great!  I’m happy when you’re happy.  

The Cost of Commissioned Work

I don’t charge extra for commissioned work.  My paintings are priced based upon their dimensions and the shipping options you choose.

Time to Completion

It can take anywhere between 1 and 6 weeks for me to finish and ship a commissioned work.  

The Process

We’ll talk about what you want before I get started.  While I’m working on your painting, I’ll keep you up-to-date on my progress, and I’ll send you pictures of your painting when it’s finished.  I’ll make changes if requested.  When you’re happy, you pay for your painting, and I’ll ship it out within 1 business day.  I’ll send you a tracking number when your painting has shipped.

Secure Payment

I use Stripe, a trusted, well-known company, to process credit card payments, which means I don’t store or even see your credit card information.  You can also pay me using PayPal, if you wish.

If You Don’t Love It…

I’ll send you pictures of your commissioned painting before you complete your purchase.  If you don’t love it, you can walk away with no hard feelings, and I’ll place the painting in my gallery inventory for someone else to love.

Question: “Can you re-create a painting you’ve already sold? And how close will it look to the original? 

My style of painting (abstract expressionism, or “action painting”) doesn’t lend itself to exact copying.  However, when a client does desire a commissioned painting that’s similar to one I’ve already done, I can usually accommodate that.  The re-creation will exhibit the same colors, style, and general composition as the original work that inspired it.  Here are three examples:

Example 1
a different size

Rapids Series #1, tall version
Over the Rapids (original)
This painting's buyer wanted a smaller size to fit their wall.

Example 2
a different colors & size

A Happy Place (original)
This painting's buyer requested slightly different dimensions and a little more yellow in the composition.

Example 3
same color and size

Budgie I
Budgie I (Original)
This was the second of a pair of paintings sold to the same buyer.

As you can see, the style, colors and basic composition remained very much the same, even when the size and dimensions changed.

Cohesive Collections

Some clients want to buy a group of similar, but not identical, paintings in order to display them as a collection. Below, is one such collection, four paintings that were created to form a cohesive—yet not too similar—group:

*I’m not joking about the cat thing.   🙂