Commission Examples

What are commissioned works?

Some of the paintings we sell are in-stock, while others are available as commissioned works.  In-stock paintings are already painted, so that the pictures you see are pictures of the painting you will receive.  Commissioned works are created after you order (but you’ll still see pictures of it before you complete your purchase).

Will they look exactly like the pictures I see?

Our style of painting (abstract expressionism, or “action painting”) doesn’t lend itself to exact copying.  However, the commissioned paintings we create exhibit the same colors, style, and general composition as the original works that inspire them.  Here are three examples:

Rapids Series #1, tall version
Over the Rapids (original)
This painting’s buyer wanted a smaller size to fit their wall.
Budgie I
Budgie I (Original)
This was the second of a pair of paintings sold to the same buyer.
A Happy Place (original)
This painting’s buyer requested slightly different dimensions and a little more yellow in the composition.

As you can see, the style, colors and basic composition will remain very much the same, even when the size and dimensions change.  One advantage of commissioning a painting is that you can select the size that fits your space the best.